Brushfork water slide demolished

Published: Aug. 17, 2023 at 10:52 AM EDT
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Brushfork, W.Va. (WVVA) - A Brushfork recreational landmark is being demolished today.

The water slide and accompanying building on Rt. 52 had been abandoned for decades and had become safety hazards.

Lori Mills, Mercer County Dilapidated Buildings Officer, said it was a once popular attraction.

“This property has been here since the 1980s and gone downhill over the years,” she said. “Today we are getting it down.”

Mills said a lot of people had been gathering on the property for flea markets and due to safety issues it was time to demolish the water slide and building.

Mercer County Commissioner Greg Puckett said the demolition is part of a larger program to rid the county of these dangerous and unsightly structures.

“When we got the dilapidated structure ordinance passed we knew it was going to have an impact,” he said. “But we really didn’t know how much of an impact it would have until you see projects like this.”

Puckett said the structure had been abandoned for so long and “we knew it was a safety hazard.”

“It’s not only that, we are on a major highway here,” he said. “It’s a tourism impact. These things are a negative blight on Mercer County.”

“These demolitions are significant,” he said.