Craft Memorial Library teaches “Kombucha Brewing Basics” class

Anyone can make this healthy drink using fermentation.
Published: Jun. 14, 2023 at 8:47 PM EDT
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BLUEFIELD, W.Va. (WVVA) -If you’ve been in the drink section of some supermarkets, you may have seen a drink called “kombucha,” a drink that can be described as a kind of fermented tea. However, one kombucha maker says this drink is so much more. He taught a class at Craft Memorial Library in Bluefield, West Virginia, to teach people how to brew their own. The class started with the basics, combining the three main ingredients of kombucha: tea, sugar, and scoby, the fungus starter that makes the fermentation possible. Justyn Marchese, the teacher of the class says, in addition to being a delicious drink, kombucha can also improve gut health, fixing what he calls your “gut biome.”

“...Kombucha has prebiotics and probiotics, and what that does is it builds up that bacterial health of your stomach, so especially if you’ve been sick or you’ve taken antibiotics or things of that sort and you might get a stomachache a lot, and that kind of stuff. What this does is this adds all of the good things back into your stomach and keeps you healthy and keeps your digestion working the way it should be working,” says Marchese.

Marchese encourages people to give kombucha a shot and find out for themselves what all can scoby do. Marchese will be teaching other health-related classes in the future. He says you can contact Craft Memorial Library or the Mavis Institute for more information.