Beloved bus driver for Monroe County Schools retires after 44 years of service

Published: Jun. 1, 2023 at 1:38 PM EDT
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LINDSIDE, W.Va. (WVVA) - In Monroe County a beloved worker in the education system is riding off into the sunset.

After 44 years of service, Alan Spangler is hanging up his hat for the last time. Spangler was met with fanfare as he completed his final bus route.

“That was great it really was. What you have to realize is that a lot of the people I’m working with now several of them I hauled to school when they were young,” said Spangler.

Some of the children Spangler drove grew up to be bus drivers themselves.

“I rode the bus with him when I was in school in the 70s,” said fellow MOCO driver Dale Crawform

“I was in the tenth grade and we went to Louisville, Kentucky. He got us lost three times hahaha,” said another MOCO bus driver Alan Sizemore.

After more than four decades of service, we asked Spangler what kept him coming back day after day.

“It’s different everyday and students are different every year. It changes all the time, just great little experiences everyday,” said Spangler.

Dean Boggs will be taking over the route that Spangler has driven for 44 years.

“I’ll be trying to take his place, it’s big shoes to fill. I just hope I can do it,” said Boggs.

With a lot more time on his hands Spangler plans to spend it on his farm.

“I keep cattle and that will be my primary thing. I’ve had co-workers who weren’t as fortunate as me who didn’t live to make retirement. So, I’m thankful,”

Spangler’s now former co-workers wish him the best of luck.

He began driving for MOCO in 1979.