Local business--Hinton Outfitters travels at full steam

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Published: May. 18, 2023 at 4:45 PM EDT
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HINTON, W.Va. (WVVA) - Launching an entire business off of one product--it’s not unheard of but it’s something sisters, Kathy Goins Mills & Lee Ann Goins look back on with amazement now.

“That was not in our business plan cause we didn’t have a business plan,” said Kathy.

“If we had one we probably would probably would have been stopped right there by any advisor who’d say, ‘okay you only have one product you need to go back and regroup.’

That first product was a poster of a train arrive to the depot in Hinton, WV.

The product was featured under City National Bank’s spotlight program--which is where the sisters first sold their product before expanding online and eventually the present-day brick and mortar store.

“I think it’s surreal. It’s been a year in the making. A year since we set up at city national bank with a folding table,” said Lee Ann.

“We were kind of blissfully ignorant of yay we’re sisters and we’re going to have so much fun making a business” said Kathy.

If you’re a life-long resident of Hinton, you may recognize the Goins sisters they’re siblings with a bond so tight they’re thoughts are nearly in sync.

In addition recognition from City National Bank, the duo received upstart assistance through West Virginia Hive.

And the business is thriving all thanks to their love of growing up in the city ‘where the three rivers meet.

“It was magical” said Lee Ann who easily recounts all the fun she, her sister and family had in their “big little town.”

“When we were growing up we had a movie theater, a skating rink, state park with swimming pools, we had the rivers.

The siblings and business owners developed a great appreciation for what their parents, neighbors and community at large did to give the children of Hinton memories to last a lifetime--and this is Kathy and Lee Ann’s way of giving back and paying it forward.

“I know it sounds like we really have rose colored glasses on but it was really great.” said Kathy.

“We didn’t feel like we lived in small town,” said Kathy. “These people spent amazing amounts of time and dedication for us to have these things growing up and that’s the magic that we felt. These people were working so these kids could have this experience.”

Working in other careers before tackling retail, the sisters said their second act is a full-time one.

“There’s no such thing as a side hustle in this business,” said Kathy.

“We came to a point after Railroad Days. We had a phenomenal Railroad Days. We sold out of so many things.”

“We really saw the demand then and it was nice to have that moment of people get us. Like when you make a shirt that says ‘Hinton is the center of the Universe’ we think that’s hilarious but I wasn’t positive other people would. It was really gratifying to see we are on to something.”

Hinton Outfitters is located at 221 Temple Street, Suite 1 in Hinton, WV.