McDowell County man sentenced to life in prison without parole

Published: Mar. 24, 2023 at 5:07 PM EDT
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WELCH W.Va. (WVVA) - Kobe Brown was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility for parole by Judge Edward Kornish in McDowell County Circuit Court on Friday morning. The sentence comes after Brown pleaded guilty in January to first degree murder.

Prosecuting Attorney Brittany Puckett says Brown and another woman, Raquel Adams shot and killed Marcus Edwards and set him on fire in 2021 in the Little Egypt area of Havaco.

“You didn’t show Marcus any mercy. I’m going to show you the same mercy you gave Marcus which is none,” said Judge Kornish.

Judge Kornish said evidence suggested that Brown killed Edwards because he was cooperating with law enforcement in regards to drug activity in Havaco. He says the killing lines up with the sentencing.

“You all shot him, beat him with a shovel, ran over him, set him on fire. That’s cold, calculated, malicious.”

The state recommended Brown be given life with the possibility of parole as part of his sentencing. Edwards’ family members gave remarks before the sentencing and did not want him to have any chance of getting out. We caught up with Edwards’ father after to get his thoughts on the result.

“Why would he want mercy for his self when my son had been shot four times. They set him on fire, they ran over top of him. They hit him in the head with a shovel. Why should he get mercy? You know. Marcus didn’t get mercy,” said Jimmie Stephens Sr.

Stephens says the sentencing is not closure for him because his son is still gone and his family is still in the healing process. Raquel Adams pleaded guilty to second degree murder in August of last year and arrangements for her sentencing are currently being arranged.

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