Tazewell, VA, to become “twin community” with Tazewell Co, IL

A vote is planned this month to unite the two Tazewells
Published: Mar. 22, 2023 at 6:33 PM EDT
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TAZEWELL, Va. (WVVA) -Tazewell Virginia isn’t the only place named Tazewell in America. The town is set to become a “twin community” with Tazewell County, Illinois. John Ackerman, The County Clerk of Tazewell, Illinois, stopped by to tour the town and sent some souvenirs to the town hall. He tells us that the reason for the twin names is because of the historic Tazewell family. Tazewell, Virginia was named after Henry Tazewell, a Virginia politician from the early 1800′s, and Tazewell County, Illinois, was named after his son, Littleton Tazewell.

“I think it’s really neat and it gives us just a different opportunity. Something to talk about. And people can come to Town Hall and see things that we’ve been provided from Tazewell County Illinois and hopefully the same thing can happen up in... in Illinois... Their residents can be like, ‘Oh, we have this... twin community. Let’s check out what they do,’” says Tazewell Mayor Michael Hoops.

Both the mayor and the county clerk hope that the twin community status will encourage tourism between the two communities. Tazewell County, Illinois, is expected to vote to become a twin community with Tazewell, Virginia, on March 29th.