Career fair held for Concord University students

Published: Mar. 15, 2023 at 5:17 PM EDT
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Life after college is top of mind for many mountain lions at Concord University. Especially for those who attended the recent career fair.

Over 60 prospective employers were on hand to give students a shot at making their dreams come true.

Taylor Albers: “We have this every year, and it’s a very popular event. Many students get offered jobs on the spot, and it is a very welcoming environment for everyone.”

Organizations including Southern Highlands Community Mental Health Center, The Armed Forces, and even WVVA were here for the students at booths set up in the ballroom.

Kendra Boggess - President of Concord University: “We’re all here for a lot of reasons. We want to give students an opportunity to have a great education, but we know they want to have an opportunity to work afterwards.”

Students were encouraged to reach out to employers regardless of major, because you never know what kind of jobs you could find.

Some, like Bryce Mutterback, were amazed with the offerings.

Bryce Mutterback- senior: “I was surprised even for, companies who weren’t, you wouldn’t think they would have business jobs, they had a lot of positions open for management, accounting, that kind of stuff.”