‘It was heart-stopping’: Jason Derulo gives server $5,000 tip

Published: Mar. 13, 2023 at 5:18 PM EDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (KETV) – A server in Nebraska couldn’t believe his eyes when popstar Jason Derulo tipped him $5,000.

Jordan Schaffer was working his usual Sunday shift at Charleston’s in west Omaha when the day got a bit more exciting.

“I was told I had a party of 18 coming in. And I was like, ‘Oh okay, cool. That’s always fun to have,’” he said.

That part of 18 turned out to be an entourage for Derulo.

“And I was like, seriously? What the heck is Jason Derulo doing in Omaha?” Schaffer said.

Turns out, Derulo recently bought a stake in a new women’s volleyball team in Omaha. He decided on going to Charleston’s for a meal.

While Schaffer found it hard to believe, sure enough, Derulo walked through the front door, along with his family and business partner.

“It went as perfect as it could have. Charleston’s is really into teamwork, so my coworkers really just kind of helped me make his experience as perfect as it could’ve been,” Schaffer said.

Schaffer didn’t realize, however, that his day was about to get even better. Derulo tipped him $5,000.

“I couldn’t believe it. Like seeing $5,000 written out on the check was just... it was like heart-stopping, you know?” he said.

A generous tip from a celebrity is something Schaffer has only seen online, but never in real life.

“To see it happen to myself is just kind of bewildering,” he said.

Schaffer said the unexpected income came at the perfect time, and he can’t thank Derulo enough. He was able to pay off the rest of his college tuition for the semester.

“Tuition was actually due last week, and I hadn’t been able to pay it. So, getting that money just really took a lot of stress out of my life,” he said.

Schaffer said he split the $5,000 tip with another coworker who helped him serve Derulo’s table.