Refreezing and upslope snow expected Monday

Temperatures will be peeking just below freezing
Published: Mar. 12, 2023 at 5:00 PM EDT
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Not a whole lot of us saw snow last night / this morning. This is because a layer of warm air settled in above our heads a little bit quicker than last night’s models were anticipating. Thus, most of us ended up seeing mainly sleet and rain. Ground temperatures were warm enough to prevent freezing on most roads, though tonight we are looking at the ground to be much cooler. This will bring the possibility of freezing drizzle and fog overnight.

Cold conditions continue tonight.
Cold conditions continue tonight.(WVVA WEATHER)

As a result, we could see some black ice on the roads Monday morning. Temperatures tonight will be mainly the same as they were last night, the only difference now is that the ground is much cooler. Winds will be dying down tonight, but after that we are looking at some gusty winds Monday night into Tuesday.

Monday we will be seeing pretty strong northwesterly winds. This will bring us some upslope snow showers throughout the day, though we aren’t looking at a lot of accumulation. Temperatures on Monday will be sitting in the upper 30s by the afternoon. The heaviest band of snow looks to arrive after lunchtime. Snowfall amounts are mainly going to be a dusting to an inch, though we could see higher amounts in the mountaintops.

Monday we'll see off and on snow
Monday we'll see off and on snow(WVVA WEATHER)
With any luck, some of us might see a dusting of snow.
With any luck, some of us might see a dusting of snow.(WVVA WEATHER)

Monday afternoon we will see some gusty wind move in, and it will continue to be strong overnight, leading to wind chill in the teens. Wind gusts will be as high as 35 miles per hour on Monday, strengthening as we head into Tuesday. Tuesday is also looking to be the coldest day of the week, with highs in the upper 20s / low 30s.

Winds on Monday will be strong
Winds on Monday will be strong(WVVA WEATHER)
Wind chill will make it feel much colder Monday night.
Wind chill will make it feel much colder Monday night.(WVVA WEATHER)

Looking ahead to the middle of the week, we’ll see temperatures on the rise Thursday and Friday. We also dry up after some lingering upslope snow showers on Tuesday.