WVVA Hometown Hero: Pharmacist adds love to every prescription

Published: Feb. 23, 2023 at 10:09 AM EST
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BLUEWELL, W.Va. (WVVA) - Customers of the Bluewell Family Pharmacy in Mercer County stay loyal to their little pharmacy because of the love they feel from its owner, operator. Harold Wells has been dispensing the medicines they need for twenty years there. The 67-year-old New Jersey transplant relocated as a teenager in 1969 to help care for his aging grandparents, but never moved back to the Garden State, “And I came down here, and I loved it. I mean, no bright lights, Creek running by the house, at nighttime and I said mom I don’t think I’m coming back.” Wells said with a sparkle in his eyes.

Wells went on to graduate from Bramwell High School and attended both WVU and Marshall University after four years in the military. Wells’ letter of nomination for Hometown Hero tells how he goes the extra mile for his patients, even delivering medicine to his nominator in an ice storm. His response: “I wish I could do it more, to impact more lives, OK? Not just me, but for Christ. Because that’s Christ love. And that’s what I, I would like to exhibit,” said Wells.

Wells talked about his motivation to dispense more than just medicine from his pharmacy, “The biggest thing is that I love people. and that took me a long time to realize, you know, it’s like you really look forward to going, you look forward to helping. I can somewhat spot a need when it walks through the door, and so, it’s like that’s my target. That’s my focus. How can I best serve them? I don’t care about the color. I don’t care about the height or the width. OK? Service, I love you,” Wells said.

Wells isn’t just uttering the words, he says he tries to pour his compassion into every prescription he fills. " I really feel like this should be the standard of care, ok? We should make every person important and not just a prescription. We have to listen. We have to weigh the body, the whole, the whole, circumstances,” said Wells.

Kelly Eller, a classmate, says Wells has been her hero since high school, “He was a hometown hero when he got me through chemistry in high school,” Eller said with a robust laugh, adding, “He is so humble and loving as a person. He’s not, you know, he would give you the shirt off his back if he could to help you. I mean he is just that kind of person. Like I said, I have known him for a long time,” Eller said.

Wells offers this advice to others who want to do more to help people in their communities, “You see an opportunity don’t let it pass. Take the opportunity and do something then,” Wells said.

Putting that attitude in action is what makes Harold Wells a WVVA Hometown hero.