More than 100 dogs saved after doggy day care fire

Published: Feb. 2, 2023 at 10:00 AM EST
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SEATTLE (KING) - The Seattle Fire Department was the best friend of man’s best friend Wednesday after rescuing more than 100 dogs when a fire broke out at a doggy day care.

Yasmin Perez works next to the dog day care facility and says she has “never seen anything like that before.”

“It was intense,” she said.

All of the dogs were able to make it out and Perez jumped in to help get the dogs somewhere safe.

“We used the truck to put some of the dogs in there. We used my car,” she said.

The fire department says a dryer fire spread through the dog day care facility. First responders had to give four dogs lifesaving care.

“It was scary because the dogs that were coming out had smoke in their mouth and were very scared,” Perez said.

Fire trucks in Seattle are outfitted with special oxygen masks designed to fit animals, including dogs. The department has been carrying them since 2006.

Five dogs went to the Animal Medical Center of Seattle for care.

The medical center says that equipment and quick response is critical.

“One of the first things they lack in smoke inhalation is oxygen, so for them to be prepared like that I think really helped with outcomes,” said the medical center’s director April Panpipat.

Seattle Animal Control also stepped in to help. The agency used its trucks and King County Metro buses to take 75 dogs to other boarding facilities.

Fire officials say all seven employees at the facility were accounted for and at least two dogs stayed overnight at the vet for smoke inhalation.