Keeping Bluefield beautiful: Meet Billy and Tyson

Published: Jan. 20, 2023 at 4:55 PM EST
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BLUEFIELD, W.Va. (WVVA) -Meet Billy Carson and Randolph Tyson. Between them they have more than 50 years of combined service with the City of Bluefield’s Public Works Department.

Some would say they are unsung heroes, working day in and day out to keep Bluefield beautiful. Most people know them as the dynamic duo Billy and Tyson.

“They’re really beloved within the community. I will tell you, everywhere I go, I get a lot of folks asking how are they doing, what are they up to,” said Rusty Lane, Assistant to Bluefield City Manager.

“We love them too. We appreciate everything they do for us,” said Tyson.

We asked the duo: What’s the hardest part of their jobs?

“Getting up coming to work!” Billy joked.

“We love it though, we love it.” Tyson added.

Both of the guys have good natured spirits and upbeat attitudes, just ask their co-workers.

“It’s a barrel of fun to be honest with you, they really brighten the day up,” said Andy Willis, a CDL Driver for the city.

“These guys really do personify what our goal is with the city which is to make all our citizens feel like a friendship,” said Lane.

And what can the community do to give back to the duo who has done so much for them?

“Give us plenty of support,” said Billy.

“Keep supporting us we appreciate that” “So far they’ve done a great job and we appreciate them,” said Tyson.

“Wave at them. If you see them out just throw you’re hand up. You know they really like what they do they like being out in the public and talk to people.” added Willis.