The Wade Center is renovating

Published: Nov. 29, 2022 at 5:29 PM EST
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BLUEFIELD, W.Va. (WVVA) - The Wade Center in Bluefield Is in the process of renovating it’s century old building.

“It’s been very vital. It’s just you’ve got to keep it up or next thing you know it’s falling in on your head.” said Wade Center Executive Director Betty Brainerd.

With some projects already completed.

Including new bathrooms, hallway and classroom flooring funded through grants and donors.

The building complex was erected in the 1920′s and now serves as an integral program site for 50 local children.

“There’s a lot of enrichment as well as the homework, basics and we feed them a healthy snack and dinner that are USDA approved.” said Karen Harvey, Financial Administrative Assistant for the Center.

That enrichment will soon include theater. As renovation of the auditorium is underway. Upon completion, a troupe from Virginia’s State Theater- The Barter -will perform for the children.

The playground is receiving new fencing, and for the first time, a bathroom.

“When you don’t have to walk up 400 steps to take one child to the bathroom its great.” said Brainerd.

Often grants are not able to be used on operational costs.

Those at the Wade Center encourage you to think of them this Giving Tuesday and beyond.

“We’ve got a pretty substantial electric bill, water bill so forth and so on and that comes back to our community.”

Brainerd adds that no donation is too small.

“They say, ‘what difference does this make?’ it makes a huge difference and that gives them hope and maybe they can see there is light at the end of that tunnel.” said Brainerd.

Learn how to donate here.

Children who attend the center do so at no cost to their families.