‘I love you, Dad’: Family and friends remember WBTV meteorologist Jason Myers at his funeral

Family, friends and the community gathered to celebrate Myers’ life on Saturday.
Those who knew Jason most intimately spoke about a man of great character.
Published: Nov. 27, 2022 at 9:11 AM EST
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Comfort exists in many places. Some seek refuge in sanctuaries, while others find it in scripture, or in soothing melodies. Comfort also exists in words, as its most often found in memories.

“When people use the phrase, ‘the love of their life,’ they don’t literally mean their whole life, but I do,” Jillian Myers, Jason’s wife, said.

For almost 20 years, Jason Myers was a husband and a father.

He was also a son, a brother, a friend, a meteorologist and a teacher.

“This is difficult, and it’s also beautiful,” Rev. Spence Shelton, the lead pastor of Mercy Church, said.

On Tuesday, the phrase “Jason is,” horrifically turned to “Jason was.”

“I never wanted to be one of the mothers that buried their sons,” Susan Myers said.

Those who knew Jason most intimately spoke about a man of great character Saturday morning at Carmel Baptist Church.

“I love you’s were never left unsaid. Humble apologies were never withheld,” Jillian said.

“My dad was a man of God,” Jason’s daughter, Lily, said. “Christ was a part of all of his decisions, and God remained the center of our life.”

“While I’m only 15, I know the man I’m becoming will reflect the father he was for me. I love you dad,” his youngest son, Luke, said.

But that character wasn’t just present in his family life.

“I get a tap on the shoulder, turn around, big old smile, ‘Hey pastor spence, Jason Myers!,’” Rev. Shelton said.

Life can be cruel in that there are rarely indicators of tragedy.

“Tuesday morning, little did Glenn and I know, when we had our quiet time with God, how the day would unfold and that by afternoon, Jason would no longer be in our world, but he would be in the arms of Jesus,” his mother said.

Life can also be compassionate with the time we all get to share with good people, whether they are our fathers and brothers, or trusted faces on the news.

“Jason’s fourth-grade dream was to have Eric Thomas’s job,” Jillian said. “He wanted to be like the chief meteorologist that we both grew up watching as children, and it’s so seldom, it’s so seldom, to see a dream like that come true. But my childhood dream was to have him be mine, and that dream came full circle too.”

The full funeral service can be watched here.

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