M&E Antiques and Vendor Mall holds grand opening

Published: Nov. 21, 2022 at 10:43 AM EST
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TAZEWELL, Va. (WVVA) - M&E Antiques and Vendor Mall is your one-stop shop for just about anything.

They held their grand opening over the weekend complete with live music, food, and of course all the vendors.

From vintage items to handmade goods, there are a variety of offerings at the antique mall.

We spoke with one vendor who said having a spot at the mall has been indispensable.

“It’s incredibly helpful to have my shop be in here because people come in for other things and then see mine. I have a specialty product so it’s hard to get out there and get it to the public.” said Tina Burcham, who sells a variety of items including handmade candles.

Prior to becoming M&E, the mall was called Bargain Bob’s. We spoke with a vendor who feels like the mall is a place of community among those who sell their wares.

“We all work together. We help each other. This lady beside me here her name is Heather and she’s a police officer. She helped me a lot this morning.” said Kristy Justus, who sells her hand painted and carved wood burned flags.

M&E is open 10-5 Monday through Saturday and 12-4 on Sundays. They are located at 262 Tazewell Circle in Tazewell, VA.