Richlands team doctor continues grandfather’s legacy

Published: Sep. 21, 2022 at 6:51 PM EDT
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RICHLANDS, W.Va. (WVVA) - Dr. Kenneth McVey has been the team doctor for Richlands football for four years. His grandfather, Dr. James McVey also known as “Doc” was the team doctor for more than fifty years until he retired in 2010. The younger McVey admits he wasn’t originally sold on being a doctor.

“Once I kind of realized why he did it and the benefit it made on people and the community it sparked my interest. I really enjoyed family medicine in particular which is what he did. Just being able to take care of patients of all ages,” said Dr. McVey.

Doc McVey passed away in 2018 but not before the school named the football team’s field house after him a decade before. He wasn’t just the team’s doctor. He also dedicated his time to the well-being of his community. Something his grandson says inspired him.

“Just watching my grandfather devote so much time to Richlands High School, specifically football. Being able to carry on that legacy his passion is really just the honor of a lifetime,” said Dr. McVey.

Richlands head coach Jeff Tarter says he remembers seeing Doc wear unorthodox plaid pants while on the sideline at games when he was at the school. He says seeing Dr. Kenneth McVey work with the kids feels surreal.

“Doc McVey’s grandson is in that field house working and following in his footsteps. You couldn’t ask for more. That is a legacy that will be fulfilled by Kenneth and he does a great job for us,” said Tarter.

Tarter adds the football team is very close to McVey and McVey says he looks forward to being with the team for many years to come.