Nerveless Nocks wow W.Va. crowds

Published: Aug. 19, 2022 at 6:58 PM EDT
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FAIRLEA, WV - (WVVA) High-flying, death-defying, stunt performers are leaving crowds at the State Fair of West Virginia holding their collective breaths. The Nerveless Nocks had the same effect on the judges for the hit NBC show, Americas’ Got Talent.

The Father-Daughter duo, Michelangelo and Angelina Nock out of Florida got three yes votes from the star-studded panel last week and they’re riding the wave of that success into the fairgrounds in Greenbrier County, “The audience here is amazing they, you can tell, every part of America has a different reaction. Here there, their, just captivated.”... said Michelangelo Nock.

He continued about the local crowd’s reaction after their performances in Fairlea , “After the show we take pictures. We sign autographs with the audience. They’re just great.

“I’ve been around a long time and because of AGT(America’s Got Talent) it’s like I was reinvented. The power of television is amazing.” Nock said. His daughter and 8th generation stunt performer Angelina says she is more comfortable 80 feet in the air than she was facing the celebrity panel of judges, “You know the hardest part for me was actually standing on stage speaking to the judges.” It was very nerve-racking. I grew up with all three of us with all three of those judges, watching them on TV so it was a beautiful experience and so happy that my father and I got that opportunity.” said the younger Nock.

The Nerveless Nocks offer several stunts in their show: The Vortex of Doom, The High-wire Sky Cycle, and even Pirates of the Sky Hollywood stunt show. At the State Fair of West Virginia, they’re featuring The Wheel of Steel, The Globe of Death and their signature Sway Bars, .a stunt that earned a royal seal of approval and their performing name when Michelangelo’s father was working in England, “He worked for Queen Elizabeth at Haringey Arena. A command performance. And after the show you get to meet the queen. You can’t touch her. You bow and she said to my father “You are simply nerveless.” So, you know, that was in the era of Evel Knievel, Joey Chitwood the Hell Drivers, so that was perfect for our family: Nerveless Nocks.” Michelangelo said. This family can trace their roots in acrobatics and circus performing back to Switzerland in 1840.

The Nerveless Nocks are delivering three daily performances at the center of the grounds in Fairlea at Noon, 3:45pm, and 6:30p.m. through the end of the State Fair of West Virginia August 20.