‘The damage is extensive’: Governor Youngkin reacts to flood damage in Buchanan County

Published: Jul. 15, 2022 at 6:50 PM EDT
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BUCHANAN COUNTY, VA. (WVVA) - In his first visit to Southwestern Virginia since flood waters ravaged parts of Buchanan County. Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) gave a solemn reaction to the damage he saw.

Youngkin got the chance to speak with those leading the relief effort. Local and national organizations are coming together to coordinate their efforts to gather supplies and get them to flood victims as quickly as possible.

Youngkin was appreciative of the community efforts that kicked into gear as soon as they were needed.

Youngkin’s trip didn’t stop at the resource center. The Governor went on a mobile tour through the most flood-affected areas. In Pilgrims Knob, VA. M&M Body Shop lost millions of dollars worth of equipment. Employees at this family-owned business watched their American Dream drown in a nightmare flooding event.

Moore said many people in the area are unable to buy flood insurance because it’s a high-risk flood area. He adds Government help is needed to get his community back on its’ feet.

Youngkin reassured the flood victims that he plans to pursue every avenue to drive federal relief funding to Buchanan County.

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