Hometown Hero: Pastor Allen Gross & ‘The Least of These’ Ministries

“At the end of our life here on earth when we come before Jesus, He’s not going to say, ‘well done, good and faithful pastor.’ He’s not going to say, ‘good and faithful community leader.’ He’s going to say, ‘good and faithful servant.’ None of it would be possible without our heavenly father.” -- Pastor Allen Gross
Published: Apr. 28, 2022 at 1:31 PM EDT
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CLAYPOOL HILL, .Va. (WVVA) - “I remember back in 2008 I was trying to find something like a service project to get our youth involved to get them to know what it feels like to give back that next day I get a phone call from a lady needed to know if we had funds to help her build a ramp and I go ‘thank you Lord,’” said Pastor Allen Gross of Restart Worship at Claypool Hill Church of Christ.

Pastor Gross the one of the leaders behind ‘The Least of These’ which is a ministry through the church.

At the request of members of our community he and the team travel through the Two Virginias building ramps for the elderly and disabled.

Fast forward 14 years later and Restart Worship’s ‘Least of These Ramp Ministries’ constructed number 83 to make life easier for Destiny Coleman who was injured in an automobile accident in early 2022.

“When she first came home from the hospital they had to carry her up these stairs in her wheelchair. This is the most longest, most difficult ramp we’ve had to put together,” said Gross.

The servants in this ministry range from as young as four all the way into their 80s.

“We came up here looked at it drew it out and thought this is the only way we see how this,” said Gross, “the driveway is extremely steep the hillside is steep however there was a great need and again all glory to the Lord.”

“All the kids that come and even the adults that come they can leave with a different aspect of God’s love,” and this includes members like Josh Price and Chan Smtih.

“The fact of being a disciple we can all do something but this ministry with the ramps it’s such an honor,” said Price.

“It gives you a purpose to come out and actually touch lives. I really have a calling to help people like this.” said Smith.

According to Gross all the ramps built are free-standing. The one they built for Coleman consist of two 16-foot ramps and one 12-ramp joined together.

“We took a picture when we finished this ramp as you can see it’s pretty steep up her drive she came out in her wheel chair and her and her parents were just in tears,” said Gross.

“It is so important as Christians we are called to spread the Gospel. It’s so important to tell people the Gospel but it is just as important to show them the Gospel and this is showing them the Gospel.

It is that showing the Gospel that makes Pastor Allen Gross and the Least of These Ministries at Restart Worship--Hometown Heroes.

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