Area hospitals see decline in COVID-19 patients

Published: Apr. 8, 2022 at 6:11 PM EDT
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THE TWO VIRGINIAS (WVVA) - The staff at Clinch Valley Health are getting their first real pause from the pandemic in two years. That’s the word from CEO, Peter Mulkey. This extended break from treating COVID-19 patients will allow hospital employees to regenerate.

“It’s great for all of us. Not only for our staff here at the hospital but our community. Really kind of shows that we’re hopefully going in the right direction and we’re starting to get a little break from COVID,” said Mulkey.

Princeton Community Hospital’s CEO says their COVID patient numbers are leveling off, averaging 10 to 15 daily.

“I would call our current situation stable. But COVID is still out there and is still something that we need to be taking very seriously,” said Karen Bowling.

Both hospital leaders we spoke with say the lack of patients does not mean the pandemic has passed. Both endorse vaccination as the primary weapon to fight COVID, in light of the FDA’s authorization of a second booster for those 50 and older.

“Over time your immunity wanes. So if you’re a young healthy adult it may not be as relevant to you. But if you’re older, and you have a pre-existing health condition, if you’re immunocompromised. You definitely want to go out there and get that fourth booster,” said Bowling.

“Folks need to continue to get vaccinated, if they haven’t been vaccinated. If they have been vaccinated, getting the booster is extremely important,” said Mulkey.

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