Hometown Hero: Kimberly Moore

Jazzercise Princeton is located at 150 Courthouse Square in Princeton, WV.
Published: Jan. 28, 2022 at 4:34 PM EST
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PRINCETON, W.Va. (WVVA) - Jazzercise is known for its moving and grooving. It has also evolved over the last 52 years.

“We have so many different formats to offer. They can take a combination of strength and cardio classes that don’t have dance in them but what we’re known for and what we’re famous for is dance mix,” said Kimberly Moore, a instructor and owner of the Jazzercise location in Princeton.

Chat with Kimberly for a few minutes and you’ll realize this form of fitness is more than working out.

It is a cathartic outlet for our community as they experience the hills and valleys of life.

“We’re hear to listen to them. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about their physical issues,” said Kimberly. “Maybe they just walked away from their job. Maybe they just walked away from their home or something they’re dealing with with their children.”

Jazzercise is a family affair as Moore teaches alongside her daughter-in-law, Amanda.

“If I can help them through excerise to make sure their mentally well and they’re physically well--if I can contribute to somebody’s well being it just makes the mission of my life just over all better,” said Amanda Moore.

It’s also filled with friends and co-instructors who become like family. April Christian is a longtime Jazzercise member and joined Kimberly Moore as a co-instructor when Kimberly opened the Princeton location in September of 2018.

“I just had my first child and I needed a place to exercise and feel like I belong,” said Christian.

Rhonda Jarvis is the latest co-instructor to join the franchise and notes she started attending classes after seeing a demostration on WVVA @ Noon.

“I came the first week that she opened. Last year she asked me to become an instructor [and] not only have I gained my health but I have gained friends that feel are lifelong friends. I call them my Jazzercise family,” said Jarvis.

“Jazzercise gave me life,” said Christian adding it helped with health issues she encountered.

“I had blood clots. One was lodged in my lung. One passed through my heart,” said Christian.

“My doctors came to me and said ‘what do you do?,’” said Christian.

“I said ‘I jazzercise’ and he said ‘keep doing it.’”

While the program offers a sense of belonging and physical health it also helps mentally and emotionally.

“I don’t always talk about it much publically but [I] suffer from depression and when I had to be prescribed medication and was weened off the medication

My prescription was you need to eat properly and you need to exercise.”

Moore said the program in Princeton has transformed more than 75 lives over the course of three years.

“They came in wanting an exercise program but they stayed because of the way they were treated,” said Kimberly Moore.

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