Veteran writes letter to VA Hospital in Beckley

Pleased with patient care
Veteran Writes Letter
Veteran Writes Letter(Jamie Leigh Reichert)
Published: Jan. 12, 2022 at 6:43 PM EST
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Beckley, W.Va. (WVVA) -

A Veteran says his patient experience at the V-A Medical Center in Beckley inspired him to write a letter about his experience.

Retired Colonel Chris Selvey- “I just want to thank people. I just wrote a letter to the director and said, hey you have some special nurses and nurse’s assistants, and doctors on your staff and you need to pat them on the back.”

Colonel Selvey served two tours in Iraq and lead a peace keeping mission in 1999 as Deputy Brigade Commander, Colonel Selvey said, VA programs don’t always get the best rap and he just wanted to make it known, his experience was a great one.

Selvey said, “All I did was make sure that somebody knew they did a great job. I know in the Veteran’s Association in hospitals they don’t get the best wrap. Sometimes they don’t get the best news coverage and in this case, I think those folks did a great job with me. I just wanted to make it known.”

Selvey has nothing but platitudes and gratitude for the Beckley VA. “I just appreciate their hard work, I appreciate you as a reporter, and Miss Yoke as the Public Affairs making this a positive spin for the Veteran’s Association compared to some of the bad things that come through. They’re good people there, you just gotta give them a chance. Just like anywhere else”, he said.

Selvey first signed up for VA health care benefits after a second deployment to Iraq in 2010. The Transition & Care Manager at the time helped Selvey with his VA disability benefits, as well. “I had a seamless experience and felt taken care of,” he said. “That was my first indication that the VA was going to be a good thing.”

It was not until he retired in 2016 that he began exclusively using VA health care. After an extensive career that spanned two deployments to Iraq and one to Kosovo and numerous positions in the West Virginia and North Carolina Army National Guard, Selvey is appreciative.

Selvey mentioned how he could have felt alone due to COVID-19 visitation restrictions but that he felt the “professionalism, positive, and comforting care made this a positive and most reassuring experience.

He encourages all Veterans to take advantage of the benefits you deserve.

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