Snow hits Wyoming County

Blanketing the Roads
Snow Blankets Roads
Snow Blankets Roads(Jamie Leigh Reichert)
Published: Jan. 7, 2022 at 5:39 PM EST
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Wyoming County, W.Va. (WVVA) -

The first heavy snow of the season leads to some treacherous driving conditions in Wyoming County, West Virginia. Local Resident Curtis Lovejoy told us, “It was slippery and covered from outside of town. I think pretty much everywhere it was very slick. I followed a car that went five miles here, so just be careful out there.”

Another resident, Nancy Baldwin, who was clearing the snow away from her car to hit the road said, “I would suggest no one go out unless they have to, they have been plowed but they are still pretty bad.”

Deputy Sheriff Brad Ellison said there were no reports of accidents, but his deputies and first responder’s witnessed many cars in ditches and encourage motorists to stay home.

Nathan Cox, EMS STAT Worker, said “If you are home tonight and it gets bad again, just take your time if you can. If you must go out, try to stay home if possible and if something does happen and you end up needing our help. We’ll be, more than happy to help.”

The dangerous driving conditions here aren’t keeping everyone off the roads, some people are making supply runs to the store to grab much-needed supplies if the weather takes another turn for the worst.

Antonio Akers, Goodson’s Supermarket Manager, said " We are at a standstill at the moment. Our milk is completely out and there was a pile-up in Charleston and that’s where we get our milk, so we still have an empty shelf there which our customers have been pretty understanding because they know the situation is for everybody. Everybody is dealing with it. The biggest thing we are dealing with today is we can’t get any employees in here because of the weather we are running on a handful of people, which may be okay as long as we don’t get business but if we do get business that will put you in a bit of a downfall as far as being able to deal with our customers and make sure they get the service they deserve.”

Not only are the shelves here in Pineville bare, but the restaurants barely have customers.

Zachery Hill, Ole Jose Restaurant Manager, said “Anytime it snows like this especially when they shut down the schools and everything we don’t have nearly as much business as we do on normal days just because you don’t have as much traffic out. So, it does slow everything down quite a bit as far as business in general.”

Wyoming county road and safety are doing everything they can to keep the roads safe for you, so just remember to drive slowly and take it easy out there.

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