Local organizations enrich Mercer County students’ vocabularly knowledge with dictionaries

Published: Nov. 16, 2021 at 6:23 PM EST
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OAKVALE, W.Va. (WVVA) - Parker Cottle is really excited to have a dictionary all his own in his possession.

“This is the first dictionary I have ever actually had because usually if I wanted to look up a word I would just go to google and search it,” said Cottle.

Books can open one up to a whole new world but to truly comprend what you see when you take look in book you have to learn the various meanings on the written page.

“In third grade that’s really when they’ve learned to read well and comprehend well and we want them to develop rich vocabularies,” said Data and Information Specialist, Amy Harrison.

Enter Concord University, Bluefield State College and the Rotary club of Princeton and the Rotary Club of Bluefield who say they are glad to enrich these studious minds with larger vocabularies.

“We have an extended community that cares about students and cares about our schools and they all want to contribute to the education of our students,” said Harrison.

More than 600 dictionaries in total were distributed to third graders county wide--30 of them to Oakvale Elementary students.

“If they can get used to using dictionaries in their writtings or if they’re interested in finding out the meaning of certain words,” said Harrison, “now is the time to get these in their hands so as they get older they get used to using them in their writing.”

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