Hometown Hero: Dr. William Merva

Published: Nov. 10, 2021 at 7:09 PM EST
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BLUEFIELD, W.Va. (WVVA) - Mention classical music to Dr. William Merva and his eyes twinkle with delight a pianst in his spare time who understands each note and keystoke with the precision and skill it takes to create the perfect tune.

“I was kind of encouraged by my parents to take another route,” said Merva. “I was always very good at science [and] medicine’s kind of a art anyway it’s a hard road to tow being a concert pianst.”

It is that same precision and skill that ensures his patients are in perfect tune.

“I did extremely well with antomy and thought this might be a natural choice for me and of course I really liked it,” said Merva.

Dr. Merva has used this art to help so many in our communities.

“It really is an art. It’s a science also but to be a really good physican you have to be able to think beyond the box.”

“You can’t just think when you see a neurological problem you have to say it may also be an entrocological problem or orthopedic problem contributing to this you have to think about other specialities as well as your own and that’s where i think there’s an artistic component to medicine.”

The doctor says he is glad to have served our communities.

“One of the reasons you help people here is their access to care isn’t as good. I like the people here tremendously. [They are] super nice people in this community. I think you’re helping more so here than you are in big cities where there’s an overload of doctors.”

After 36 years with princeton community hospital the doctor is putting away his scrubs.

“The impact I’ve made I hope is to get people well [and] get them on track. I’m going to miss it.”

It is an impact that will be felt even in retirement and that is what makes Dr. William Merva a Hometown Hero.

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