Hometown Hero: Shellie Simpson

Published: Nov. 10, 2021 at 5:31 PM EST
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BRUSHFORK, W.Va. (WVVA) - Mercer county native Shellie Simpson, known to students as Dr. Shellie, is in her fourth year as principal at Brushfork Elementary School.

She said her love of her community inspired her career path.

“This is home, all of it, and I think, you know, it’s important that we take care of the kids in our community and take care of our communities because school is the heart of that,” said Simpson.

Co-workers told WVVA news, Dr. Simpson meets the definition of a hometown hero because she goes above and beyond to care for the students in Brushfork.

“Shellie has been known to go and buy up gorceries for a whole week uh buy beds, buy furniture find them a place to stay,” said Tom Osborne, the lead Custodian at Brushfork. “I mean the woman is just fantastic.”

“She speaks to every kid every morning to make sure that they’re great and they’re excited for their day and if anybody needs anything she goes well out of her way to make sure that, that happens,” said Wendy Cundiff, a fifth-grade teacher at Brushfork.

“She goes above and beyond in a lot of ways on top of the way she acts with these kids um they know that they’re important, so they feel like they’re seen here, so that they know they are important and they want to come here,” said Cristal Crowe, the school social worker.

Dr. Simpson said serving the students is her favorite part of the job, so providing these needs is essential for her.

“It’s about giving them, all the things that they need, not only academically but socially emotionally, giving them the things that they need to help them be successful,” said Simpson.

For this principal, it is not just about giving them what they need, but she said it’s also about making them feel significant.

“I know it’s important for them to feel loved and i want them to know we love them, and we are thankful for them and we want everything for them in this world,” said Simpson.

Some students who spoke to WVVA News told us they feel that love from Dr. Shellie.

“What I love about Mrs. Shellie is she loves me and the other kids,” said Kye Jones.

“She always gives me big hugs and i really like that about her,” said Zoey Griffey.

But Dr. Simpson isn’t taking any credit for herself. Instead, she said it’s the people around her who deserve accolades.

“I couldn’t do anything that I do in this building or my career without my staff and without the parents and families that are there supporting us and our students,” said Simpson. “We all work together we are all one big happy family and it’s important for us to always have that connection so that everybody feels safe secure and happy, then we’re successful.”

While going above and beyond to help students and prepare them for success, humility makes Dr. Shellie Simpson a hometown hero.

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