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Criteria and Next Steps for a Baha

Is Baha right for you?

If the Baha system sounds like the right solution for your hearing impairment, Cochlear strongly recommends contacting your healthcare representative to discuss Baha as a treatment option. The process of determining whether or not Baha is right for you is a personal and professional decision; enlist an expert's advice to guide you on your way to your best hearing solution.

Request a Baha information pack from us and we will deliver it to you in just a few days.

Take the next steps:

Step 1: Referral by your family General Practitioner (GP), Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist (Otolaryngologist)., or audiologist
Step 2: Assessment by an audiologist
Step 3: Discussion and planning with your Baha surgeon
Step 4: Scheduling of surgery date
Step 5: Surgery
Step 6: Fitting of your Baha sound processor, usually three months after surgery (six months for children)

There are many Baha clinics around the world. Find a Baha clinic near you.

Want to learn more? Request an information pack
For more information about Baha, request a candidate brochure that will answer most of your questions

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