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Baha for Children

A more practical and comfortable solution.

Children born with middle or outer ear  problems, or single sided deafness (SSD), can still benefit from bilateral hearing. Hearing is a vital part of a child's learning process and it's of great importance to start the stimulation of speech and linguistic development as early as possible. For mixed, conductve hearing loss or SSD, bone conduction is a natural alternative.

Children's skulls are thinner and their bone is softer than an adult's. The FDA has ony cleared implant placement in children age 5 and up, who have stronger and thicker skull bones. However, younger children can be fitted with a Baha sound processor with and external attachment. Until recently, only uncomfortable metal steel spring headbands were available as an option for children to use Baha while awaiting surgery.

Although headbands have been useful for many, they have, on occasion, proved difficult to wear for some children due to discomfort and difficulties keeping the headband in place. With the Baha® Softband a more practical and comfortable solution is available.


What is the Baha® Softband?*
The Softband is an elastic band with a plastic snap connector sewn into the band. The Baha sound processor can be easily attached to the plastic connector. The band is adjusted to the size of the baby's head an secured with Velcro®. The sound processor is held against the skin behind the ear, or at another bony location of the skull, through the pressure from the band. The sound travels through the bone to the functioning inner ears. The band can be turned so that the connector is not always in the same position, which will help to avoid discomfort.

What is the minimum age for Baha surgery?
The minimum age for implantation in the US is 5 years old per the FDA guidelines.

What if your child is too young for surgery?
The Softband is an elastic band with a plastic snap connector disk sewn into the band. The Baha sound processor can be easily attached to the plastic connector and the band can be worn by kids of any age, including a newborn baby. The Softband may be used as a temporary solution and is intended for use until the child is old enough for surgery.

Do children with Baha need special care?
Children with Baha should be treated as their caregiver treats any other child. They need to practice good hygiene and be supervised by responsible adults who also ensure that the care and maintenance instructions are followed.

*The Softband works in the same way as a conventional bone conductor, with the signal being weakened as it passes through the skin (attenuation). If it is used during the fixture healing process, they must not be placed on top of the abutment or implant as this might jeopardize osseointegration.

Products contain natural rubber latex that may cause allergic reactions.

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