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What are the benefits of a Baha?

Why do people choose Baha?

One of the benefits of choosing Baha is that you can ask your hearing care professional for a Baha demonstration, so you can hear the difference yourself.  Many people are surprised by the amount of hearing improvement that the Baha delivers. 

These are some of the top reasons why people make the decision to go with Baha.

  1. Direct Bone Conduction allows the recipient to hear sounds more clearly and naturally.
  2. Potential recipients can easily test the Baha so that they can experience the benefits before they have surgery.
  3. The Baha is comfortable to wear; recipients say that they forget that they have it on.
  4. The Baha is in use by thousands of individuals around the world. The outcomes are predictable and well documented.
  5. The Baha procedure is reversible and does not damage or harm residual hearing. Additionally, the Baha system does not preclude any benefits from future hearing technological advances because it doesn't compromise middle or inner ear or compromise hearing nerve sensitivity.

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