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Hearing loss doesn't have to restrict life activities. Properly fitted hearing aids with appropriate communication strategies can help in many listening situations. The step-by-step approach below will help you determine if hearing aids can help you to hear better:

  1. Consult an ASHA-certified audiologist (CCC-A) for an audiologic evaluation and determination of need for medical referral.
  2. Get a professional hearing aid candidacy evaluation from an ASHA-certified audiologist. Purchase the recommended hearing aids. Pay attention to:
    • trial period
    • sales contract
    • warranty information
    • features
  1. Attend follow-up care orientation and rehabilitation.
  2. Ask about other hearing assistive devices that can be used with the hearing aids to improve hearing in difficult or large area listening situations.
  3. Report problems you are having with communication. Your hearing aid might need a simple adjustment.
  4. Receive regular audiologic follow-up care to help you with adjustment to the hearing aid and monitor any changes in your hearing.

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