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School needs to be fun

School needs to be fun however also educating. i feel we can learn better and understand more if the children interact in the classroom. day to day lectures, reading a chapter and answering the questions and handing in are not exciting enough to keep their attention. divinding into groups and challanging students to debate on topics or giving projects in class time, not a take home project. for them to discuss as they are bing completed. homework, is not taken serious anymore so i say don't have it. they need family time at home and so much takes away and parents can not help much because the school work is too difficult for the parents. however studying for test is always up to the student. but classroom reviews and discusions can help in this way. also for example..if you have a democracy class and dicussing prisons, how they should operate. diviide in to groups and build your own and see what they can offer. discuss types of security they have. for history have them write their own play on the wars. geography, plan a trip, use milage scenery, food..all of this can be fun but they can learn. children are wonderful, teen agers have problems and we all need to be there for them. times are not getting any easier for them..mostly both parents are working now because of cost of living increases but wages do not...
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