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"Treatment of Ichthyosis"   1964
Journal of Current Podiatry

"New Techniques in Bone Closure"   1967
Journal of American Podiatry Association

"Electro-visualization in an Office"  1983
Journal of American Podiatry Association

"Low Back Pain Gait Assessment in Accidents"  1987
Academy of Electromyography
"Gait Assessment in Soft Tissue Injury" 1987
Colorado Trial Talk

"Where the Back Touches the Ground" 1988
Colorado Chiropractic Journal

"Ankle Injuries"  1990
British Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine
(Submitted Not Published)

Bipedal Kinesiology: A Holistic View of the Gaiting Mechanism  1992
Unpublished Book

"The Hidden Accident" 1992
Colorado Trial Talk Journal

"Non-surgical Treatment of Ligaments" 1993
American Academy of Orthopedic Medicine
(Submitted but not published)

"The Role and Treatment of Foot Ligaments" 1997
Journal of Sclerotherapy

"Diagnosis and Injection Techniques in Orthopedic Medicine"  1991
Foot and Ankle
Thomas Dorman, MD and Thomas Ravin, MD
Williams and Wilkins; ISBN 0-683-02630-5

Sclerotherapy (6th Edition)
Podiatry (wrote one chapter in the book)
Merril Jay Mirman, D.O.  1997 (author)

Musculoskelatal Disorders:
Healing Methods from Chinese Medicine, Orthopaedic Medicine
And Osteopathy (wrote one chapter in the book) 1998
Alon Marcus DOM (author)
North Atlantic Books
Berkeley, Ca.
ISBN 1-55643-282-8

Prolo Your Pain Away
"Ligaments in the Athletic Foot Injury"  1999
Ross A. Hauser, M.D. (author)
Beulah Press
ISBN 0-9661010-0-6

"The Role of Gait in Body Mechanics"  1999
University of Wisconsin-Madison Medical School
Madison, Wisconsin

"The Foot Is Where the Back Touches the Ground"  2000
The Council on Extremity Adjusting Journal
Second Quarter Vol.2, Issue 2

The Role of the Foot in Pain   2004
"The Pain Clinic - A Multidisciplinary Approach to Acute & Chronic Pain Management"
Pages 9-19, July/August 2004 Issue, Volume 6, Number 5

The Role of the Foot in Pain  2004
"Surgical Physician Assistant" pages 25-34, September 2004 Issue, Volume 10,
Number 7

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