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Coyotes may be pushing wild game towards neighborhoods


Some residents in the area have noticed an increase in wild game such as rabbits and deer. Although a variety of factors may have caused this increase, one cause may be an increase in predators- including coyotes. 

Coyotes have come into the area in recent years. Brad Garrett, a local hunter and Tractor Supply Manager, told us that during hunts, he has noticed an increase in coyote tracks. In addition, he noted he heard coyotes howling much more often than compared to years past. Other hunters have noticed to, and its impacting his business.

"They buy more things to keep coyotes out than they used to" Garrett told WVVA News, noting that traps and electric fences were becoming fast sellers. 

Van Wysong, a Matoaka farmer, said he had noticed an uptick in coyotes as well. Noting that they had no natural predator, and their nocturnal habits made them hard to shoot, Wysong said that coyotes would be hard to get rid of.

As a result, Wysong told us there was an absence of game animals in his property, like squirrels, deer and rabbits. 

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