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Residents demand restrictions on fireworks in Mercer County


Independence Day has come and gone but in Mercer County, people are still celebrating. Residents across the County have expressed major concerns about "excessive" use of fireworks.  

In 2016, the purchase of fireworks became legal in the State of West Virginia, but residents are not allowed to set them off within Bluefield or Princeton City Limits. 

Mercer County Commissioners and Bluefield Board of Directors both addressed the issue today, allowing the community to weigh in. 

Judy Silbaugh is a retired Social Worker and she's sick and tired of the constant fireworks. 

"Bluefield was a nightmare from the 3rd until this past Saturday," said Silbaugh. "What have we become? We're suppose to be a Nation of respect."

City of Bluefield Mayor Ron Martin sympathizes with the issue but is ready to make some changes. 

"I certainly understand people wanting to celebrate the Fourth and letting off some fireworks," said Mayor Martin. "We're having the City Attorney look at what we have on the books and see if we need to revise that."

Al Hancock is a retired Veteran and says, he didn't enjoy his Fourth of July experience. 

"Fireworks going off scared me," Hancock said. "I couldn't sleep. I been around bombs and rockets and things for a whole lot of years."

Hancock has one recommendation for the fireworks issue.

"Let's get rid of them all."

Silbaugh says, leaders and law enforcement, can place more restrictions on when fireworks are used and enforce it. 

"If they have to drive up and down the street, give them a strong ticket, a $1500 ticket."

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