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More 911 calls in White Sulphur Springs thanks to Neighborhood Watch


In White Sulphur Springs neighbors are looking out for one another and it’s resulting in safer streets.

New to the White Sulphur Springs Police Department Patrolman Shannon Morris noticed a void in the community. Patrolman Morris said, "I was like, well, we don't really have a neighborhood watch that I know of." He says the neighborhood watch program had been dormant for twenty years. He added, "And I just thought, you know we should get that back to kind of create that sense of empowerment for people that we serve."

And the empowerment is working.

Patrolman Morris said, "Actually our call volume has gone up with those extra eyes out there in the community."

Lindsey Wolford the community coordinator for the neighborhood watch program in White Sulphur Springs described an arrest that was made due to the neighborhood watch, "Some people had seen someone who looked suspicious, and it was followed up immediately. And that resulted in I think a felony drug arrest, which is a big deal."

And Lindsey says the more neighbors that get involved the safer the community will be. She said, "It doesn't matter what end of town you live on it's important to get involved and your involvement helps us determine just how safe we can be."

The White Sulphur Springs Neighborhood Watch is sponsoring a community bar-b-que in Dick Gunnoe Memorial Park on Saturday from noon to 4 PM.

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