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HOMETOWN HERO: Elma Osbourne


Flip through almost any annual in the last 30 plus years and you'll discover while the faculty and kids change one thing remains constant.. Elma Osbourne 

"Elma Osbourne means the world to Rainelle she is the face of Rainelle Elementary," says the school's principal Mrs. Tincher

The school volunteer has rarely missed a day and even though she doesn't drive. Elma is there bright and early "to help the kids," she says, "I love the kids."

Elma has volunteered throughout the school from the office to the classroom and these days you can often find her in the lunchroom kitchen.

"I always come out and tell them if you don't eat my food. I'm going to eat it. If you go home hungry it isn't our fault," says Elma.

And the way Elma tells it..the kids love what she and her co-cooks serve up from the macaroni & cheese to the hamburgers and hot dogs.

Dotting over the children as if they were her own, she gives smiles and lots of love and the kids give it back with big hugs.

"Oh it makes me happy I appreciate all these kids," she says of the love she receives.

She hopes that in the quality time she spends with them they learn these lessons.

"I want them to get out and treat people really nice. I want them to get a good education."

It's that moral compass and the simple act of kindness that makes Elma Osborne and Hometown Hero.

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