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Virginia ranked third, Most dangerous state for kids online


Internet Service Partners released a report today, ranking Virginia third worst in most dangerous states for kids online.  

"It's kind of a dubious honor," said Detective Mike Hall with Tazewell County Sheriffs Office. "I'd hate to think Virginia has that distinction."

Detective Hall says the problem starts at home, with parents giving their children easy access to the internet. Many of the cases the Tazewell Sheriffs Department receives, comes from juveniles taking and sharing nude pics. 

"They are technically manufacturing child pornography,"  said Detective Hall. "If they send that to a friend or boyfriend, they're actually distributing pornography, which are felonies in Virginia."

Detective Craig Menefee says parents should be concerned about greater dangers lurking online. 

"Human Trafficking is probably one of the greatest dangers involved in internet use," Detective Menefee said. " People present themselves as somebody they aren't, drawing people with promises and attention in order to use them to sell themselves."

Detective Menefee offers advice to parents about being alert to what their children are doing. 

"Don't just give them a cell phone and a tablet as a babysitter. Parents need to educate themselves on the usage of cell phones, tablets and social media. "

You can read the full study, conducted by Internet Service Partners, below.

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