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Tazewell Board responds to concerns about possible school closings


Today was the last day of school in Tazewell County and students are starting their summer break. But there's no vacation scheduled for the Tazewell
County Board of Supervisors. The Board has three weeks to finalize the county budget for the 2019 fiscal year.

Tuesday evening, the Board of Supervisors held a public hearing to address the proposed Tazewell County Budget plan. The Board proposed a cut of 1.58 million dollars to public schools, which has brought concerns from teachers and parents about a public school being closed. 

 Maggie Asbury is the Chair for the Board and the Northern District Supervisor. 

"People need to realize that it's not our decision," said Asbury. "It's the decision of the school board."  

 In 2008, Pocahontas High School was closed down. The Board of Supervisors wants to avoid seeing that happen again. 

"I personally have asked them to go to another area," Asbury said.  

The Board of Supervisors put together a budget crisis plan for the public hearing, proposing 3.2 million dollars in cuts, across the board. Some of the agencies they're proposing cuts include the Public Library and the Sheriffs Department. 

"We know that the county is in bad shape right now and everyone has to do their part," said Major Harold Heatley, Chief Deputy with the Tazewell County Sheriffs Office. 

 In April, the Board of Supervisors ordered an immediate spending and hiring freeze.

"We had candidates that we were getting ready to hire the next day," said Major Heatley. "So we didn't have anyone in those positions." 

The board will meet again later this month, three days before the new budget plan is due. 

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