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New requirements for opioid prescribing


New requirements for opioid prescribing practices goes in to affect Thursday.

The Opioid Reduction Act sets limitations on opioid prescriptions, and authorizes a non-opioid directive patients can put in their medical files to notify medical professionals that they do not want to be prescribed opioids.

According to the DHHR, under the new law providers must first refer or prescribe treatment alternatives,  such as physical therapy,  before prescribing opioids. If an opioid is prescribed, it must not exceed a seven-day supply at the lowest dose.

For supplies greater than seven days, a patient must sign a narcotics contract with the prescribing provider agreeing to only get medication from that doctor, use the same pharmacy each time and notify the provider of any emergency where the patient is prescribed a controlled substance. Adults receiving an opioid prescription in an emergency room or urgent care facility are limited to a four-day supply. Minors are limited to a three-day supply.

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