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Trucks ignoring detour, increasing workloads for courts


It's day 21 of the I-77 Road Rehab project, detouring commercial trucks onto exit 1 at Bluefield. But lots of commercial trucks traveling northbound on I-77 have been ignoring the detour.

Commercial trucks are being ticketed for failure to detour, away from the areas of roadwork along the interstate. Citations for commercial truck drivers not taking the detour at exit 1, come to about $200 in fees and court cost.

Nearly 1200 trucks have been ticketed for failing to detour and the increase in tickets is having a big effect on the Magistrate Court. 

"In less than a 24-hour period, there have been 500 calls to the traffic line," said Magistrate Mike Flanigan. "The number of calls coming in and responses to it are actually much higher than anyone anticipated." 

 More tickets equals a higher workload for the Magistrate office.

"We started getting complaints from other agencies that the Magistrate Court was not answering the phones," Magistrate Flanigan said. "We even got word from the Supreme Court in Charleston." 

Magistrate Flanigan says the courts are working to make customer service better, as the amount of truck citations continue to grow. 

 "We're trying to make it easier as possible for the people that get citations to respond to them. We're use to adapting to new situations and this is a learning curve for us. We're going to improve it the best we can."

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