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Parent wants crosswalk fixed to ensure students safety


A parent of a Mercer Elementary School student says a crosswalk right in front of the school is dangerous and wants the City to fix it. 

Kathy Wolfe picks up her son Ethan from Mercer Elementary School five days a week. Wolfe's biggest concern is simply walking across the street.

At 2:30, school lets out and students are meeting their parents near the steps, by the crosswalk.

Wolfe says if a police officer is not present, cars speed by with no concern for the safety of her or school personnel, making the crosswalk zone dangerous.

 "This car was going by and the driver didn't care I was standing there," Wolfe said. "It happens daily.  You have to stand in the crosswalk for several cars to go past, before one will finally stop and let you go through."

The Princeton Police Department was directing traffic at the crosswalk today. The department said they send a police officer to the school everyday, unless an officer is unavailable. 

An official with the Mercer County School Board said the school superintendent  hasn't received any complaints about the crosswalk. 

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