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Oakvale Elementary eyeing improvements, additions to their outdoor facilities


Oakvale Elementary is already proud of their extensive efforts to support science education within the school. However, they're thinking outside the box- or in this case, the school- to further science education: Outdoor classrooms. 

Oakvale Elementary is on the site of an old high school, which included a football field. The field is still clear, and officials at Oakvale want to transform it into an open air learning facility, complete with shelters, picnic tables, bleachers, and even gardens to enhance their natural science curriculum. 

Administrators also want to improve the playground equipment at the school, noting that some of the equipment is old and potentially unsafe. 

"Hopefully we will be able to raise enough money to first replace our equipment on the playground as it is now, also to have shelter and picnic tables for outdoor learning, we would like to have gardens and compost areas for students, just a comfortable, enjoyable place for students to go outside and learn" said Oakvale Principal LaCosta Hodges. 

The goal is that the outdoor facility will serve as a place that compliments the school's curriculum- for instance, when learning about plants, students can maintain a garden. It's also a place to simply hold class on beautiful spring days. Administrators I talked to stressed how important keeping the typical school day for students varied and fun and considered the outdoor facility important for this vision. 

In order to fund raise, school officials said they were planning a visit from popular internet comedian Heather Land, of "I ain't doin it!" fame. You can find more information here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/heather-land-live-tickets-46533625326. Tickets  for the October event are $30, an VIP tickets are $60.

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