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Company preparing to hire Veterans for life saving product


The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the 2017 unemployment rate for veterans in West Virginia is 5.1 percent. One company is trying to create more jobs for homeless veterans, while also saving lives in coal mines.

MVM Green Technologies in Princeton is developing life-saving products for highway and mine safety. As the company seeks a long-term buyer for these products, CEO of the company Michael Moses wants to let Veterans know, they'll have a job at MVM. 

"This company can do that," said Moses. "We can go through the work force and supply jobs, to give people structure in their life. We have a very large crisis with homeless veterans and we need to offer these men and women jobs."

They types of jobs Moses will offer will create safer working environments for different industries, including coal mining. One product is a cap, made completely with recyclable products like straws and even plastic bags. Moses said the caps will save lives.

"When you install a roof bolt into a coal mine, it will stay there permanently," Moses said. "We have a cap that can be placed on the installed roof bolt. If that roof bolt drops a micro inch, it notifies someone outside. We'll evacuate that coal mine immediately and go back in to see what caused that roof bolt to drop. When you have a roof bolt collapse, people get killed."

MVM Green Technologies is encouraging all veterans to reach out to the company about future job opportunities. 

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