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Festival organizers say show must go on


"We can't stop rolling now, right" said renaissance owners Dawn Kieninger and Taso Stavrakis.

But so far Greenbrier Co. has denied the festival owners an exception to the current zoning laws.

"The whole thing, as I say, is confusing. Why, why is there all this negative? And it seems to be coming from just a few people but they're in key positions."

Confusion may stem from the zoning laws which were written in the 1960's and haven't been updated since. The laws say that no commercial activity is allowed in the area. Other confusion may stem from the lack of understanding about what a renaissance festival is.

"A living re-enactment of the greatest period of civilization, the renaissance would be a wonderful thing for young people, besides the jobs..and bringing new tourists into the state that have never visited the state before," said Ski Resort Developer and Teacher, Jerry Laufer.

Tomorrow the owners have one last chance to go before the planning commission with a request to change the zoning to conditional use. County commissioners will ultimately decide but festival owners are determined to decide their own fate.

"The show is going on. right. we've come too far to stop. I just can't i just can't imagine telling everybody no, go home," said Kieninger and Stavrakis.

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