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Sewer plant submerged in water during flood


Heavy rain over the weekend caused major flooding across the counties, especially in the Town of Athens.

The bridge at the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Athens was completely submerged in water.

Plant Operator Joshua Oliver was at home Sunday evening before the property was flooded. 

"We had an alert that we were going to get some rain flow," Oliver said. "I came right down to adjust the plant. When I approached the bridge to get into the plant, it was flooded. At that point, it was just 3-4 inches of water. It wasn't 30 minutes later, the bridge had disappeared underwater. The bridge was still standing but flooded."

The flood caused incredible destruction, taking with it property and fences. The plant is in cleanup mode, to ensure the business stays up and running. 

"There's a concern about being able to treat the wastewater at our plant. We were pleasantly surprised when we were able to enter our plant and it was operational.  We have a generator and at this time, we are treating wastewater."

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