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Mabscott Elementary students produce viral video with anti-bullying message


MABSCOTT, W.Va. (WVVA) It happens at school, on the playground, and online -- bullies who prey on the vulnerabilities of others and parents who feel powerless to stop it.  But at one Raleigh County elementary school, students are using the power behind their words for good. They've made a music video with a message that's spreading like wildfire.

"Bullies, they've probably gotten hurt somewhere else. They take their anger out on someone else...the person that's getting bullied, I just really want to help them," said Leah Hall, a student at Mabscott Elem. School, an actor in the video. 

The video is designed to highlight the power of empathy, but not just for the victims of bullying.

"We came in and talked to the class and they latched on to the point that a bully is not just a bad person that does bad things. There's a lot more in their lives that leads up to them acting out," explained Jason Lockart, whose video production studio 'Kid in the Background' helped with the project. 

For teachers Christy Delp and Crystal Yost, the timing of the video could not be more perfect for their students who are currently in 5th grade. 

"We want them to carry this message to middle school and high school because the bigger issues happen when they get older," explained Yost. 

Through the project, Yost hopes the students take away that not everyone's battles may be visible in plain sight. "I want them to branch out of that circle and involve everybody, whether you're a cheerleader or on the Chess team. We all need to support each other." 

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