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Spanishburg hosts old school Holy Ghost tent revival


Old school Holy Ghost tent revivals aren't nearly as common as they once were. 

But evangelist Steve Warren travels the country to keep the old tradition alive. 

"You know, a tent holds a very special place in my heart because we can come out here in God's open space and be able to reach out to the people something that they can invest in, and that investment is Jesus Christ," Warren said. 

Steve Warren grew up in southwest Virginia, so holding a revival in nearby Spanishburg, West Virginia was a personal mission of his. 

"I know that people in this particular region and in West Virginia have suffered economically, which now, thank God, is getting better. But I just want to bring a message of hope," he said. 

Pastor C.T. Lilly of the Kegley Praise & Worship Center helped to set up the event. He says that the region will benefit from the tent revival. 

"Any time you can bring God into the community, the community is going to be better off for it. So we're just trying to bring God into not only the community, but the county as well," Pastor Lilly said. 

Steve Warren's revival tour dates are listed on his website: 

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