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Treacherous road crossing pushes War residents to seek alternate routes


To reach War resident John Estep's house, you need to cross Tug Fork Creek. Normally, his pickup truck can handle the waters. But after recent rains left the creek high, his truck got stuck, forcing him to seek other options to reach his house. 

His wife and thirteen year old son leave at the house and depend on his work. Other residents also have difficulty leaving the neighborhood, a flat area along the Tug Fork Creek. 

Because of the high water, he is forced to use alternate routes to leave his house to do routine tasks like go to work and get groceries. One route involves hiking along an old mining trail before then hiking down a steep drop to the river below, where he can get across via boat. The other route involves parking along Highway 16 on the other side, then hiking down to the house. He can't leave cars there for long, because he says they have a history of being broken into in that location. 

John's long term solution involves getting the West Virginia Division of Highways involved by opening a small section of the guardrail on Highway 16. This way, he can dig and clear a driveway from the highway to his neighborhood. However, he says its been a long process. John told us that he received a permit, but was not answered when he tried to follow up with the Division of Highways. 

When asked for comment, the Division of Highways told WVVA News that they were not aware of any issues or permits in that area, but they would search for it given the issue. 

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