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Homeowners severely impacted by car crash


Kay and Jim Broyles had just returned to their home in Princeton from church. Five minutes later, they heard a loud sound. 

"There was an explosion, an awful sound," said Kay. "The house shook and I didn't know what happened."

When the Broyles went outside to see what the noise was, they saw a car had run into their garage. 

"It was a sound that just lingers on," Kay said. "I'll never forget it."

The Broyles found a young man inside the car and attempted to save his life. 

"My husband and my brother went inside the garage," Kay said."They checked to see if he had a pulse. When they took him out, he wasn't alive."

Moments before the crash, 18 year old Bailey Dickerson had been shot and lost consciousness. The passenger in the car, Sarah Young, stated an altercation had taken place before shots were fired.

Police have charged Thomas Michael Shine Jr will second degree murder, two counts of wanton endangerment, and brandishing a deadly weapon. His bail is set for $100,000, cash only, and his preliminary hearing will be scheduled in the next 10-20 days. 

The incident happened on Sunday around 1:45pm near Shine's residence in Princeton. Police reports state that when an officer arrived on the scene, Shine said," I shot the guy who crashed." Shine told the officer the victim had assaulted his mother and attempted to hit his father with a car. 

As details of this case continue to develop, Kay hopes to find closure and move beyond this day. 

"Unbelievable," Kay said. "I've never experienced anything quite like that before. It was just horrific."

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