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Volunteers pulled car off victim in Sophia Bingo Hall crash


SOPHIA, W.Va. (WVVA) "Total Chaos." Those words from witnesses on Thursday night who were there as a car crashed into the Sophia Bingo Hall.

In a release by the Raleigh County Sheriff's Dept. on Friday, deputies said it all started when a driver headed toward Tams hit Peggy Griffin, another driver who was attempting to pull out of the hall. After the crash, she reportedly she lost control of her vehicle and plunged into the Sophia Bingo Hall, killing one person, Linda Keen, and injuring almost a dozen others. 

Ken Attilli was in his apartment above the Bingo Hall when he heard a loud bang. "I walked down and straight in on a lady pinned to the wall." 

He said Keen's daughter, who was also in the hall that night, was screaming for help for her mother who was pinned up against the wall. At that point, Attilli said he and a few other men made a split second decision. They moved the car. 

"Never had a second thought about it, lifting the car, the tables, anything to help first responders get to them."

It was not enough to save Keen. As Attilli saw the victim's teenage grandson headed  toward the point of impact, he said he grabbed the young man and took him out side. 

"I don't think I saved any lives that night. But I did help the youngster keep a clear mind and not to be traumatized from now on." 

The incident remains under investigation by the Raleigh County Sheriff's Dept. As of Friday afternoon, no charges have been filed. 

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